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Arts & Entertainment
Arts & Entertainment

Criticize me if you want, but my question is this (and I apologize if I embarrass anybody): How did one community get so many really great people?

I've been in at least 37 of our 58 states and have never met better people, never met kinder and more generous and friendly people.
Yes, I sound like a chamber of commerce, but I have no hesitation in urging good people to come join us.

I tell everybody, Cochise County has gorgeous scenery, fascinating history, temperate weather, and the best people I've seen anywhere in these United States.
How did we do it?

Music runs in the family for Brandon Deleon, a pianist who looks to continue pursuing a passion for classical music as he finishes his senior year at Buena High School.

Deleon, 17, started playing the piano at the age of 8, saying the drive to learn came from listening to his older sister play the piano and his father, who plays the trumpet. Learn more from the feature below.

Personally, my biggest question is how can we make downtown SV a more warm and inviting place for residents and visitors? I'd like to see more of SV tax dollars stay in SV

My Little Playhouse, located of to the east of 7th St. and Fry Blvd in Sierra Vista, provides a safe space for children ages 1-10 to play for $10 per hour. More information in today's feature.