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Arts & Entertainment

Last week reporter Karen Schaffner and I traveled to Tirrito Farm in Willcox, AZ. A sustainable farm-to-table experience coming to Cochise county soon. With cows, goats, a brewery and a brand new restaurant, this will be an experience coming soon! Read all about it in this week's issue of the Herald/Review and watch this little video that highlights this local gem.

Start with what's right: KAFKA coffee shop creates community space

Music, espresso, community: These are the ingredients KAFKA coffee house owners attribute to their thriving hub in Old Bisbee.

The business opened its doors at 31 Subway St. last year. The Herald/Review sat down with Bruce Miller — co-owner of KAFKA with Leasa Seagraves — to chat about all things coffee.

Herald/Review: Why did you open your coffee shop? How long have you been open?

Bruce Miller: This is two-fold. Our vision was to create a space for Bisbee folk to spend time and enjoy a solid cup of coffee and quite frankly, this was the only way that we could continue to live and maintain our lifestyle here in town. We opened the doors on Aug. 1, 2021, after a five-month demo and rebuild.

Check out our full Q & A with the owners of KAFKA HERE.

Have you visited KAFKA yet? Share your thoughts with us below!

Poetry Fridays!

Hello NABURs! Welcome back to "Poetry Fridays," a thread where I'll give you two lines of a poem and ask the rest of you to add on to it and make it your own! Be creative, be spontaneous and be original! 

Here's how it works:

  1. The pre-made lines of the poem will be added HERE on this post -- you can use these two lines as a prompt and/or as part of your poem.
  2. Share your poem as a "reply" to this post.
  3. As far as content, just make sure that it follows our guidelines for the NABUR platform. You can view these guidelines HERE.

That's it! Now, let's have some fun. Here's this week's prompt:

~ The anticipated debate

    awaits the delegates. ~

Your turn! Share your version of the poem as a "reply" to this post!

Criticize me if you want, but my question is this (and I apologize if I embarrass anybody): How did one community get so many really great people?

I've been in at least 37 of our 58 states and have never met better people, never met kinder and more generous and friendly people.
Yes, I sound like a chamber of commerce, but I have no hesitation in urging good people to come join us.

I tell everybody, Cochise County has gorgeous scenery, fascinating history, temperate weather, and the best people I've seen anywhere in these United States.
How did we do it?