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Dana ChiuehStaff Member
Journalist Product Manager
Did you find yourself donating more to a political campaign this year than prior election cycles? You're not alone.

How would you rate the importance of this year's election compared to the past? When it comes to Cochise County residents' hard-earned dollars, stakes are clearly higher than ever. Take a look at this year's campaign finance spending from Cochise County residents since 2008. Click the link for an interactive version of the graph.

This year, residents of the 85635 zip code area, encompassing Sierra Vista, donated more than twice the national average for a zip code, with $402,944 donated. Overall, political donations from Cochise County residents in 2020 has more than tripled any other recent election year.

Did you donate this year? Why or why not?

In my opinion, common sense is a subjective term. It is shaped by our personal experiences. What is common sense to one person, may not be common sense to another. I love the phrase, "Seek first to understand, rather than be understood".