At 105 years old, Pearl O'Neill could be Cochise County's oldest person. 

While her son and a network of close friends check on her daily and assist her with different day-to-day tasks, she lives a relatively independent lifestyle, given her age. 

Born Feb. 16, 1916 and raised on a dairy farm in New Jersey, O'Neill has planted a garden and lived off the fruits and vegetables she has raised. She describes herself as an organic gardener, using natural methods for controlling pests. Up until two years ago, she continued to garden and can food.  O'Neill attributes her longevity to healthy eating and staying as active as possible. She plans to be around to celebrate 10 more birthdays. 

See Pearl O'Neill's story on the front page of today's Herald/Review. Her story serves as an introduction to the annual W magazine, with it's "women who cook" theme.