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What's happening in Willcox?

Jon replied a month ago

Need Some Feedback Folks

Hey folks, so I am seeking out more articles ideas during slower weeks and really would love to do a feature article on what folks are doing for recreation in the community, let alone Willcox city limits as places start to open again, people like myself get vaccinated, and city council continues to look at ways to revitalize it's offerings for its citizens and outlying community members. I would also love to hear stories from those participating in trivia nights, bowling competitions, mini golf, etc. I know Willcox might not have a Dave and Busters, but I would love to hear what keeps y'all kicking even with having to wear a mask around your neighbors. Thanks in advanced. Also if anyone loves Big Texas BBQ or other restaurants and wants to participate in a what the community loves to eat feature that would be awesome to hear some feedback too.  

Bob replied 7 days ago
Dana updated 2 months ago

It was a pleasure to type out this article, as I learned a ton about being patient as well as understanding, in my trying to explain for my readers how I view southeastern arizona compared to Tucson or my home state of Colorado versus how someone from another country might view southeastern arizona.

Superintendent Wendy Conger, Bowie Unified school district #13, gets all of the credit for briefly telling me all about Sonia and the news of her family coming to visit her. Without Ms. Conger I never would have known about this amazing teacher from the Philippines in the first place.

So please enjoy my article. I look forward to the chance to tell more human stories like this one.