@Cochise College will extend and expand financial, mental health and career support services for students with the third installment of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III, a $39.6 billion component of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Dr. Wendy Davis, vice president for administration, said Cochise College has received $9.57 million in total for HEERF III with $4.98 million devoted toward the student aid grants as a requirement. 

Cochise College Media & Communications Coordinator Sharrina Cook-General said the amount each student will receive will be between $250-$1,100 based on enrollment level and expected family contribution level.

In addition to extending financial support to Cochise College students, the college also has used some of the HEERF III money to expand support for students’ mental health and career development.

“Our philosophy is a philosophy of service,” said Abraham “Abe” Villarreal, dean of Student Success. “Most students that suffer academically do so not because of their comprehension levels, but because of the influence that they have outside of the classroom.”

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