COVID Number in Cochise County & Testing

By and large, the percentage of positive cases for Cochise County is low compared to the rest of the state.  Why is that, I wonder?  By and large, people here are wandering around mask-less like drunken sailors on shore leave.  That goes for all age groups.

I have had all three shots (Moderna) and wear a mask in public.  On Christmas day, I developed symptoms consistent with COVID.  I researched local testing sites (there are four).  Of those, NONE of these will test you if you think you have been exposed or are symptomatic.  For that, you have to go to Tucson.  Testing is free, as promised by the powers that be.  However, I’ve got to wonder at both the logic and logistics of this policy.

So… If you are sick, bundle yourself up for the 140 mile round-trip to the nearest testing facility. 

I would assume that Canyon Vista will test symptomatic people if you are admitted through the ER.  Same with Benson Hospital.  However, testing is not offered to the general public at either of these locations.

It is actually a different lab process if you are exposed/symptomatic or not.  The test is exactly the same, the analysis is different.  The test is even coded differently.  But it makes me wonder… so who are these four Sierra Vista testing locations for, exactly?  If it’s not for people who “believe they were exposed or are symptomatic,” then who is getting in line for these tests?  One answer could be that they are employer mandated tests.  Another answer is that the people in line are fibbing about their COVID exposure and symptoms.

This is actually a bad thing… as the lab processes for exposed/symptomatic persons includes a secondary analysis that is for the Omicron Variant. 

Which brings to light why the numbers HERE are so low.  Data collection and dissemination for this pandemic has become focused on ONE linear factor, “Positive Cases.”  I doubt seriously that anyone will take the time to figure out where I am actually from versus where I was tested at.  They didn't even take my ID or physical address, my email address, yes.  That was it. They do notify the AZ Dept. of Health if you test positive… so… there’s that I guess.