While county health department documents for the past few months indicated an age-based rollout of COVID vaccine eligibility from ages 55+, 45+, 35+ and then finally 16+, this week's announcement from CCHSS brought welcome news on both state and county levels for locals as young as 16-18 years old. 

As of March 23, all Cochise County vaccination sites are open to any county resident 18 years and older; all state distribution sites, known as PODs, are open to Arizonans 16+.

Do you agree with this decision, or wish the state rollout had been prioritized by age group?

County sites will distribute Moderna and Janssen (also known as Johnson & Johnson) vaccines. AZDHS PODs have been distributing Pfizer vaccines. While initial trust in Johnson & Johnson vaccines appeared to be low due to lower efficacy, interest in the one-shot vaccine has exploded as some gravitate towards the vaccine for its more traditional development process. In contrast to Moderna and Pfizer, the Janssen vaccine does not use new mRNA technology.

With all these choices, what factors are affecting your decision to get which vaccine, or get vaccinated at all?