As part of the American Rescue Plan, aka the coronavirus relief package, passed by democrats in Congress-with no votes by republicans-Cochise County and cities will receive much needed funds. This is the initial disbursement. 

Cochise County $24.2 million

  • Benson $1.16 million
  • Bisbee $1.25 million
  • Douglas $4.3 million
  • Huachuca City $460,000 
  • Sierra Vista $6.78 million
  • Tombstone $310,000 
  • Wilcox $840,000

All cities less than 50,000 people will receive the funds from the state. Cities of more than 50,000 will receive direct funds 

The American Rescue Plan, otherwise known as the coronavirus relief package, addresses healthcare issues related to COVID-19 and economic problems from the pandemic. 

The major pieces of the plan are payments to individuals, extended unemployment, money for states and localities, money for schools. Some of the particulars are: 

  • Extends unemployment payments of $300 per week until September
  • Expands the tax credit for children
  • New money for PPP small business loan program
  • Education grants
  • Low-income energy use assistance and WIC increases
  • Older American community programs
  • COVID-19 related funds for vaccines, increase testing, new equipment
  • Business support for restaurants, transportation sectors

Emergency rental assistance