I drive for a living and one of the things that I see as a problem locally, with having several landfills in the area, is the garbage trucks.  I see several every week, and it seems there is always garbage blowing out of them, mostly from the top.  I have never seen one stopped, yet every time I see them going down the road, I see litter in their wake.  Can anything be done about this?  I know if it were a car driving down the road with things coming out of it and being blown around, I would be pretty sure that they would be stopped and probably ticketed for littering, yet it seems the worst offenders are left to spoil the natural beauty around us, and sometimes cause hazardous situations on the road.  Trust me, this is not one or two isolated incidences, this is a weekly, and sometimes daily occurrance, and I would love to know that something can be done about it.