When a threat is made to a school, how does the Sierra Vista Unified School District address the issue?

Officials at SVUSD and the Sierra Vista Police Department talked about how both organizations collaborate to handle such cases.

In December, SVUSD received two threats to Buena High School, one on Dec. 9 and another on Dec. 13. Both threats were in the form of a note left inside the school’s bathroom.

“Both of these incidents were handwritten notes left in bathrooms regarding a bomb,” said Sierra Vista Police Sgt. Tim Wachtel in an email. “Immediate investigations were completed with both of them and on the Dec. 13th one, we were able to identify the student who left the note.”

But when does a school activate a shelter-in-place order or a lockdown order? How does the district collaborate with police on addressing these threats? Answer these questions and more in our coverage HERE.

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