The Huachuca City Police Department has a list of new upgrades that Chief Jim Thies expects will make significant contributions to the department’s efficiency. 

“We have a lot of exciting things going on with our department right now, starting with the acquisition of two new 2020 Chevrolet Tahoes that we just received,” said Thies. “Our current fleet is worn out, so these two vehicles were something we desperately needed.”

In other news, the police department received a $2,500 “Fast Pitch” grant from the Legacy Foundation for a Mantis training aid, said Police Sgt. Christopher Thompson.

Fast Pitch grants support educational opportunities to help an organization’s ability to operate efficiently, Thompson explained. In the police department’s case, the grant included software and technology to help with shooting training.

“We were able to purchase a Mantis training aid, which provides a system that connects with our work cell phones and allows us to make corrections and improvements to our shooting ability while training,” Thompson said. “There’s a laser portion that gives officers feedback to help them determine where they’re hitting when they aim for a target in different situations.”

Thompson said that when a critical situation arises, the Mantis training will improve the officer’s ability to stop the threat. 

“Our goal is to never have to pull the trigger,” he said

The police department also received a $5,500 Highway Safety grant for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) TraCS program. 

TraCS allows law enforcement agencies across Arizona to collect and transmit citations and other reports electronically. 

Thies spoke of the department’s successful annual Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board audit. 

“The audit report shows that we were compliant in all areas, with no deficiencies noted” said Thies, who added that Huachuca City was the first police department in the state to complete the 2020 audit.

“I’m very pleased with the direction our small police department is heading,” the chief said. “We have a diligent team of officers who work well together. We do our own grant writing when we see opportunities that would benefit our department, and some of those grants come through for us. As a small police department, I think we’re very self-sufficient.”