In my previous post I mentioned meeting some amazing people and hearing cool stories while I'm covering Cochise County.

Well this is one of those amazing people. His name is Kacey McCallister and he's had an incredible life story to tell.

In my video, Kacey tells jokes on stage to loosen up his audience.

Read the story I filed for Benson:

"Kacey was at Benson High to tell his story. The results of that horrific accident are obvious, he has no legs. “Everyone is overcoming challenges,” Kacey said, “and honestly, not having legs is not my challenge.”

That was his message on that day. “In everyone’s life there are challenges, even if it seems less significant like grades, or large as losing a loved one. Whatever that challenge is, it’s large to that person, but I think we can address them in the same ways. It’s one day at a time and I keep moving forward. Even if you fail a dozen times, if you keep looking forward you can overcome that challenge.”

On stage McCallister tells of a young Kacey undeterred by his missing limbs, wanting to participate in sports and activities that some found ill-advised or simply just not possible for him to accomplish. His determination only grows with age, while mostly ignoring nay-sayers. “They’re not me, they weren’t me! I decided what I could achieve.”