At Herald/Review Media's 2020 Candidate Forum last week, Cochise County District 3 Supervisor candidate Tom Crosby, who is running uncontested, asked: "City Council Candidates:  Would you favor a "wards system" for City Council members? Crosby is in favor of wards for the City.  I gathered signatures for that effort in 2010.  It was narrowly defeated at the polls."

SVCC candidate @Kathy Boston said, "I would certainly be open to consider favoring a ward system..I"ve seen it work well in other communities I've lived in. "Representation" and increased "trust" from ppl in the community--towards local government. It would be something that I would "consider", if it proves to be in the best interest of the citizens in the community only."

Fellow candidate Daman Malone asked, "Why do you think that a city the size of Sierra Vista Needs a wards system?"

Crosby replied, "Daman, the size of the City is not an issue. I'm against "at large" representation for several reasons.  1.  Vote splitting  2.  majority rule means 50%+1.  When you get below that, you have "plurality rule", which is a slide towards oligarchy, and worse.   So, if you had wards, the top two in a ward would advance to the general, where one would get 50%+1."

The issue of voter turnout was also discussed. Crosby mentioned that with a ward system, "you could require the elected official lives in the district, or not," which could help with representation.

SVCC candidate Dr. Angelica Landry said she needed to further educate herself on the topic before making a statement.

What do voters think? One forum attendee and NABUR member, @christine rhodes , said, "Concerning the question of a ward system for Sierra Vista... I don't live in Sierra Vista, but I think a ward system is needed better represent the voters and residents, especially in a municipality encompassing such a large area."

Would you prefer a wards system for Sierra Vista City Council? What other SVCC issues are you concerned about?