“We’re here because the board wants to discuss achievement,” said SVUSD Superintendent Dr. Eric Holmes. “Why are we here as a school district? What is our purpose as a school district? What are our responsibilities as board members, as administrators, as teachers?”

Holmes continued, “I think we can sum those questions up that up in two words: student achievement. That’s why we’re here. . .It’s a simple concept that over the last 130-140 years, has become a huge monster to deal with. . .The purpose of our discussion tonight, is to give the board and the community a real clear picture of what we do here in Sierra Vista, and why we do it, and how we achieve that sort of student achievement that we all want: what’s is best for our kids.”

SVUSD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Terri Romo highlighted the potential of the district, but noted that a narrowed focus on implementing plans for increasing student achievement is needed.

“We have a lot of really wonderful things going on in our district,” said Romo Tuesday evening. “We have a lot of arrows, but they are not always going in the same direction a lot of times.”

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