There's lots of new information regarding locations for the coronavirus vaccine and how to sign up. The state has a new website that shows each location available with info how to register. There's also this version that loads a bit easier on some devices.

The state has also setup a hotline, 1-844-542-8201 and still has its patient portal. However, many people are reporting issues with both, with long wait times on the phone and the inability to actually register on the state's website being widely reported.

The federal government also announced plans to open up the vaccination to more of the population sooner than first expected. Currently, only those in phase 1A and those 75 and older can get vaccinated here in Cochise County, until Jan. 23, when it is set to open up to the rest of those who fall under phase 1B.

I have received numerous calls from frustrated readers who can't find a vaccine location near them, or the ones near them are full. I have called the hotline and hung up after 30 minutes with nothing but an automated response. The process, quite frankly, is not working. We will continue to put the best information available out there for you, while also pressing to see when more shots are on the way and more clinics available to the public.

What has your experience been with the vaccine so far? Have you managed to get your first dose yet, or are you registered for one? If you're not yet eligible, do you plan on getting one soon? Or are you avoiding the whole situation, either until more data is available, or forever?