Last Friday evening, Benson Police officers responded to a call of undocumented aliens hiding under vehicles in the Benson High School parking lot. According to Benson Police Chief Paul Moncada, three undocumented aliens were detained, while three others fled on foot and could not be found by law enforcement. Both Benson PD and Cochise County Sheriff's deputies attempted to find the illegals who had fled. 

When Benson PD contacted Border Patrol agents about the three detainees, they were given an ETA of one-hour. The time passed and BP was contacted again, and gave the police department a second one-hour ETA.  Benson Police eventually contacted a local Border Patrol agent who reached out to a supervisor and was advised that Border Patrol would not be responding. At that point, the police released the three undocumented aliens.

Benson Mayor Joe Konrad and members of the community are expressing concerns about the Border Patrol's failure to respond when these situations arise. Describing the border issue as a crisis, Konrad feels that Border Patrol's "hands are tied," and the border problem will continue to worsen under the current administration's border policies.