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As part of our year-long series on education in Cochise County, we wanted to hear from parents, teachers, and school counselors on how students' mental health has been during the pandemic. What have been the concerns that students have brought to your attention? What support programs have your schools provided for students? How does each learning format (distance, hybrid, and in-person) affect your students' mental health?

Dana Chiueh Staff Member
Ty White I would love to hear your thoughts, if you have any to share!
Mike Ligon
Public education has been polluted for five decades by union activists / “progressive” agenda radicals of the ‘60s who co-opted themselves into education and other parts of societal infrastructure. They’ve’ s done this by 1. Replacing teaching Western Civilization / Classical curriculum with racial agendas of minorities, 2. Destroying children’s ability read by eliminating phonics, do math by eliminating rote memorization, and to think for themselves by eliminating logic, rhetoric and philosophy.
One may well Mark the day the federal government established the feckless Department of Education as the day state and local governments and parents lost their children to The State.
- “A Country I No Longer Recognize” by Robert Bork; - “How to Read A Book” by Mortimer J. Adler;
- “Why Johnny Can’t Read,” — “Why Johnny STILL Can’t Read.”
- “Standing Up to Goliath” by Rebekah Friedericks
- “A Conspiracy of Ignorance” by a former Secretary of Education

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Asked a question 2 years ago
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