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Michael R
Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you feel a Cracker Barrel restaurant should be in the Sierra Vista/ Huachuca City/ Hereford area?

Mike Ligon
A good friend who owned a national chain like Cracker Barrel and Red Lobster told me they analyze locations by demographic statistics - population density, median incomes, median education level, median age, real estate occupancy (both business and home), type of labor available, and degree of competition saturation to name a few. I guess this area does not meet their model parameters yet. But I would really like to be wrong on that!
It’s a good question to ask our feckless city council and our tax payer paid “business lobbyist” before we pay for anymore boondoggle business trips to exotic places like our recently departed City Clerk (Mary Jacobs?) who cussed out a city employee for nixing her shopping spree in NY City with a city credit card.
Jill C.
Personally, its not somewhere I would eat. And, we have every other national chain. And Walmart. So I cant see any reason to keep them out. The barn door got left open long ago.
Kathleen Phillips
I would love to see a Cracker Barrel restaurant in S.V. Or better still in Bisbee. I love that place.
Carolyn Weaver
No. Why are people always wanting another restaurant? We don't "need" a Cracker Barrel or a Red Lobster or any of those other chain eateries, especially with the situation restaurants are in these days.
Barbara N
Cracker Barrell is not a place I would eat anymore. I personally don't like their food. I have been to many across the US and they are all the same.
Richard Pattie
No, but I sure would like to see a Trader Joe's.
Lee Anders
Most every time we eat out in Tucson - it's at the Cracker Barrel. We've enjoyed their menu items for years when on road trips......mostly back east. Would surely enjoy having one in Sierra Vista.......maybe in the old Sears section of the Mall - for plenty of parking?
Ned Letto
I doubt that Sierra Vista can support a Cracker Barrel. On a recent trip across AZ, I programmed 4 Cracker Barrel locations in my navigation system. I make it a point to eat at Cracker Barrel on trips.
Kurt Obermeier
Sierra Vista needs a whole lot of things a lot more than another chain restaurant.
Dana Chiueh Staff Member
Ned Letto Ned, I admire your dedication! What's your favorite menu item there?
Dana Chiueh Staff Member
Would love to know for you as well, Lee Anders!
Ned Letto
Dana Chiueh that depends on time of day. Yesterday it was scrambled eggs and country fried steak.
Kurt Obermeier
Instead of clamoring for a new chain restaurant we should be concerned about keeping the good ones we still have. Outback is closing as of this Sunday.
Bonnie Holyoak
This is one of our favorites. we could always get a good steak here. ANd our top server, Wendy will be missed. Hope some smart restaurant will hire her. she is fantastic!
It would be great if we could have a quality restaurant in Sierra Vista instead of a Cracker Barrel.....some people like to dine rather than eat
Carolyn Crane
Carolyn Crane In response to Kathleen Phillips, Bisbee would not likely welcome a Cracker Barrell restaurant. The only national chain in our town is a Burger King. We have many great local restaurants already that we need to support as best we can.
c crandal
Why have a chain restaurant that is exactly the same as every other state in the US? It's boring.

Today I went to Street Tacos y Hot Dogs Guadalajara located north of 1st Dental, west side of 92. They just opened one week ago. They don't have a website yet.

I ordered Tosti verdura Tostitos chips with vegetables. Ordered the small size that costs over $5.

Too bad I can't post a image in my comment.

Phyllis Romero
Richard Pattie - I love our Co-op on Carmichael! It's small, but it works in a pinch.
Phyllis Romero
I like our moms and pops. The upside of having another chain restaurant is that it would pay local taxes and employ locals and they can handle economic down turns better than moms and pops. That being said - I'm for the underdog and will do my part in helping them to remain viable. I don't like Cracker Barrel food - there are many other locally-owned restaurants in the area that prepare food much better than Cracker Barrel does. I suggest that if there's something you like from the Cracker Barrel menu, bring it to the attention of the owner of our local moms and pops. They are freer to adjust their menus and prepare something to your liking than are the chains.
Paula R Kenitzer
Fritz U. Smith
I for one welcome the variety in S.V. I think we need a little diversity. We've lost the IHOP and Golden Corral. Cracker Barrel is a favorite spot to take in a good breakfast. I also understand that many of these restaurants have a matrix they use to see if an establishment would even work in Cities like ours. So I pray for the City, Valley and surrounding area before I badmouth it. just my 2¢.
Michael Swank
I’d rather have a Bisbee Breakfast Club here in SV. Don’t really need any more chain restaurants unless it’s a Chick-fil-A!
Michael F.S.W. Morrison
Kurt Obermeier -- yours is the best answer so far.
Yes, we do need -- and "need" is the right word -- to support local restaurants, and other local businesses, including one excellent publishing company, Free State West Publishing.
Unfortunately, because of the Biden-Harris economic policies and, now, the Putin war, gasoline prices have more than doubled, raising the cost and the price of everything else, and normal people can't afford to go out.
Larry Hodges
It would be nice to have one here, but it appears from my observation, that they are only located off of Interstate HW.
Rachel Kusama
Ned Letto they have the best breakfasts.

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