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Do you think undocumented residents in Arizona should be able to receive in-state tuition rates? Why? More details in comments.

Dana Chiueh Staff Member
2022's ballot will allow Arizona voters to determine whether all residents of Arizona for more than 2 years should be allowed to receive in-state tuition at state universities and community colleges, regardless of legal status.
Rep. Michelle Udall, R-Mesa, says this measure will ensure more of Arizona's high school grads go on to higher education.
Rep. David Cook, R-Globe, says this will help build a more skilled labor force to attract companies to the area.
On the other hand, some believe that this measure will result in higher rates of illegal immigration, or that this measure should only be extended to "dreamers," or children who were brought illegally to the US by their parents, rather than all undocumented immigrants.
Others are concerned about the potential financial implications of allowing more to receive in-state tuition. Read more:
Mary Ann Ambrose
I do not think it is fair to citizens who also work very hard to afford education. Perhaps the real question is: Can we draft an actual immigration plan that is fair and eliminate the need to put such a shadow over people who truly should not have come in illegally? This question is totally independent of our feelings about the border wall, etc. - a whole separate and complicated issue.
Phyllis Romero
Come on! You're referring to DACA recipients. And yes. They should.
Dana Chiueh Staff Member
Phyllis Romero Thank you for your input! Just for clarification, the proposed law does not only extend to DACA recipients, but any Arizona resident of over 2 years and graduate from an Arizona high school.
Ned Letto
There must be consequences to being illegal. Tax paying citizens are the only ones who qualify for in-state tuition
Michael F.S.W. Morrison
Ned Letto --WHY must there "be consequences to being illegal"?
Rosa Parks was "being illegal" when she refused to get up and give her seat to a white man.
That Dutch family was "being illegal" when they gave refuge to the Frank family.
Quakers were "being illegal" when they hid and further helped runaway slaves.
Is "being illegal" really a crime when the law is wrong?
When no rights have been violated, is it either necessary or even right that someone be punished?
However, getting in-state tuition is probably not right for someone who is new to Arizona and especially if the family of that new person has not paid taxes to Arizona. However not getting a privilege is not the same as being punished.
Michael F.S.W. Morrison
Phyllis Romero -- why should "illegals" be given discounts at taxpayer-supported colleges? Why? You made a strong statement, so now please explain why. Thank you.
Now, months later, she still has not had the decency to answer. Are we surprised? No.
Joanne ehasz
I was fortunate to attend a seminar where the guest speaker was Chancellor a major University. While understanding that tax payers support state universities the question in the presentation was , what if there was no difference between in and out of state tuition? What if university doors were open to whatever students wanted to go there? Studies showed that graduates often stay in the city/ state where they graduated. And if you attract students from various backgrounds the potential economic impact and entrepreneurial impact on the city/state is positive.
Gisele Millers
If they are not documented than they are not official residents and therefore should not reap the benefits afforded them.
Jae Starr
Michael F.S.W. Morrison We replied with the same argument, basically, but I wanted to add something which I forgot to add to my own: "Illegals" DO pay taxes.

They pay sales taxes every time they buy something. If they are not paid under the table- and such jobs are becoming very difficult to find- there are taxes taken out of their pay, and sent along to the various agencies we all know and love- even if the illegal alien will never be able to participate in the programs s/he is paying into!

If they rent a house or apartment, they pay their landlord's property taxes. They DO pay- they just receive even fewer services for their taxes than the rest of us do.

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