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Asked a question 3 months ago

Should there be a Costco in the Sierra Vista/Cochise County area?

Suzy Marie
There are MORE than enough people from the surrounding areas that NEED to be added to the SV population count to make up Costco's NEED for a larger population base. We are driving many hours up a now dangerous freeway just to give Tucson our money *** Let's grow up Sierra Vista ***
Tricia Gerrodette
It would surely be popular. Would it be popular enough to support their business needs? They probably wouldn't think so.
Kurt Obermeier
Suzy Marie Sierra Vista has nothing to say about it. And there aren't enough people in the entire county to meet COSTCO requirements.
Richard Armstrong
Apparently not, or Costco would be down here. I'd like to know why Trader Joe doesn't see enough market down in the Gadsden Purchase to put a store near our Costco.
Richard Armstrong
Richard Armstrong Actually, to ask the question is to answer it. Cochise County is not TJ country.

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