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Dana ChiuehStaff Member
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Asked a question 5 months ago

What do you think should be done to combat the problem of Mexican drug cartels recruiting Cochise County youth on the border?

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I’m shocked and amazed!  According to a man whom I took to be the Cochise County District Attorney he told a gathering of Benson GOP members at a meeting in Benson early this year, he and the CCSO had solved that problem a year ago already! with a fancy sounding program! Totally shut down!  I wasn’t the only one who stifled a snicker of disbelief. He made it worse when he incorrectly named highway 90. It was a Biden moment for him. 
     The truth is it will never be solved as long as parents, their children, corrupt members  of local and federal law enforcement and some local businesses choose to do anything for money using  their “esteemed” positions as fronts for their desire for the drugs themselves or the profits to be made from them. 
     IMO outside agencies need to come in and “connect the dots” using technology to disrupt drug trafficking in this county - and double the time for prison sentences. NO on Prop 207!

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Asked a question 5 months ago
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