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With the SVUSD's Bond Oversight Committee wrapping up their duties on Oct. 28, what are your thoughts on the district's bond projects? Has the bond helped to improve the quality of education that your child receives? Why or why not? More information in the comments.

Summer Hom Staff Member
The $28,870,000 initiative was placed on the 2016 ballot and passed, with 55% voting yes to 45% opposed.

SVUSD Public Information Officer Valerie Weller said the district received a premium bond adjustment of $85,054 due to higher interest rate in 2016 when the bond passed. That increased the bond total to $28,955,054.

The district has spent $28,428,408 of the total, which leaves $436,646 for remaining “in-progress” projects and $90,000 for bond maintenance.

Portions of the $28 million have been allocated into maintenance, construction, transportation and technology upgrades throughout the district. With bond dollars, SVUSD has contracted 49 local businesses to complete the upgrades.

For more information, you can check out the district's webpage on the bond HERE:

Stay tuned for our full coverage on the bond at
Michael F.S.W. Morrison
First, get government, all governments, out of schooling.
People need to learn where compulsory government schooling began. And why.
People need also to remember that Republicans and conservatives (by no means the same thing) for almost forever said "Keep the Feds Out Of Schools."
Ronald Reagan in fact campaigned for president promising to get rid of the unconstitutional federal Department of Education -- just one of the promises he broke.
It's still there, and ever since the W. Bush administration invented No Child Left Behind, all objective standards show U.S. school standards declining.
U.S. students are falling further and further behind other nations in test scores and knowledge.
Schools have become one more battlefield in the increased politicization of ... well, of everything.
First, get government, all governments, out of schooling.

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