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Benson Softball
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Benson baseball aren't the only Allstars in Benson. Congrats to #10 Tatum Benson and #5 Celina Wilharm on being recognized as AIA 2A All-Conference Softball Team, with an honorable mention to #9 Reya Adkins!

Go Bobcats!

In this week's Best of Preps I had the pleasure of writing about these outstanding scholars and athletes. This pair of slugger-siblings have been a constant presence on the baseball/softball scene in Benson since they could hold a bat.

In the article they open up about a recent loss and discuss how the family honors the memory of their loved one and his love for the game.

“It was the worst feeling ever,” Wyatt sadly recalled. He wears his grandfather’s initials, PW, scribed on his cleats. “I just come out here and do it for him.”

Sacha Wilharm watches her son at the plate, “Every time Wyatt hits a home run and crosses that home plate, he looks up at the sky. It’s like ‘There’s another one for you grandpa!’” she said."