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Carol Loy
BUSD Board, BHS Alumni President

That’s such a hard question right now because so many problems and issues face our schools.   One of the top concerns in BIsbee is online schooling and how to keep the kids engaged. 
I want to continue focusing on safety at the schools, training And support  for our teachers and providing interesting  and relevant classes that educate, inspire and engage our kids  

The latest benchmark data indicates county can have hybrid models. Should schools doing distance learning, switch to a hybrid model and allow some in-person instruction?

According to the state health department's website, Cochise County meets all three benchmarks to resume a hybrid model for students. SVUSD, Benson and Bisbee are distance learning, with no in-person instruction, while other districts have their students back in the classroom and on the athletic fields. 

Do you think parents should have a hybrid option for children  sooner rather than later or wait until next month? 

Link to the benchmark data:, 

Bisbee Unified's school board recommends all students pursue online learning for the first six weeks of school, though parents may petition for a hybrid option with two days in-person per week.

What are your thoughts or concerns on the flexibility BUSD is offering to families? Do you think in-person learning is worth the potential risk?