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Beautiful mushrooms

The gills of Mother of Pearl Oyster mushrooms.
The gills of Mother of Pearl Oyster mushrooms.
Candice Bushnell White is a commercial broker for First West Properties. She is doing her part in assisting property managers and facilitates leasing agreements with entrepreneurs who look to establish their presence at the West End. She recently made the switch from residential to commercial real estate as she felt there was a need.

For a period of time, many properties located at the West End have been vacant. Since the streetscape project has been complete along a portion of Fry Boulevard, investment from property owners and interest of prospective entrepreneurs has gained momentum. Some challenges for businesses being able to set up shop at the West End include not having enough money to meet expensive code requirements, start up capital and inventory costs.

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Small businesses struggle with city bureaucracy


The original owner and founder of Jo-2-Go Coffee, Shannon Schofield, had a prime vision to design a coffeehouse on the former Clayton Homes property---what is currently a vacant lot off Avenida Escuela. 

Schofield explained how he faced many regulations from the city and had to jump through multiple hoops. He pushed to have a set of two driveways off Avenida Escuela, but the city only allows for one driveway on each commercial property. 

“They don’t want the little mom and pop stuff, they want the corporate stuff. You always see the stuff on Facebook about Red Lobster. If Red Lobster came here, I think the city would roll out the carpet for them and let them do whatever they want to do whether they met the code or not.”

Other small business owners in the community also shared their insights. 

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In today's paper I filed a story on Benson's newest business King Music Supply/Five Seventeen.

The new shop has three businesses in one, the music store run by Scott Sr. a tattoo shop run by junior, and Kreps as artist of a custom press-on nail boutique.

“My dad, he’s always wanted me to open a tattoo shop and was willing to fund me, but I wanted him to be a part of it, so I brought up the idea of selling musical supplies,” Scott Jr. said about starting the business. “He liked it, and I’m loving it a lot.”

“We plan to sell Just about anything to do with music.” Scott Sr. said. “We want to carry orchestra instruments of all types, horns, trumpets, guitars, amps, strings, things like that. I want to offer guitar lessons too.”

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