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Congrats to 2022 Cochise County Teacher of the Year Erin Gilbreth!

Gilbreth was this year's Elementary Teacher of the Year and then took the big award. Check out her acceptance speech during the luau themed awards ceremony this past Sunday, April 24, at at Events 161 in Sierra Vista.

The Cochise County Superintendent Jacqui Clay was the event's host, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels presented the award.
In the paper this week is a Best of Preps profile of 17-year-old Austin Cox, star volleyball player for Sierra Vista Buena Colts. Austin was looking forward to his senior year as starting football player for the Colts. Fate had a different take on his final year at Buena.

“I was captain of the football team, a very promising season, but it was just all gone.” Cox said. “I got hit in the ankles, I put my arm out to catch myself and I dislocated my elbow. It just folded over me wrong.”

The injury could have ended his season, if not sports altogether. But Austin had a different take on his final year too, and he wouldn't be deterred. Check out my profile on this outstanding young man.
The Buena Colts softball game against the Tucson Desert View Jaguars was a thriller.

The Colts team lost its lead after being up by seven runs against Desert View, only to fight back in the late innings to defeat the Jaguars 13-11 in a home game Tuesday, April 12.

Check out the inning-by-inning report here:

Lumpias and Pancit and Pata, oh my!

When all this construction of the West End is done, it's going to be so great. That's right, GREAT! When it's all done. 

But if you're stuck in a construction zone and get whiff of crispy pata in the air, or a spicy adobo, then you must be near the southwest corner of W. Fry Blvd. and Fab Avenue. You must be near J's Kitchen, Filipino Food. 

J's is a good place to experience some delightful Pinoy culinary adventures. The crispy pata, and pancit, and adobo chicken wings are classics. Then of the choice of legit lumpias, the Lumpiang Shanghai and Lumpiang Gulay, very tasty. 

Take a break from the traffic and treat yourself.   

Adobo chicken wings with lumpia and white rice. 
Adobo chicken wings with lumpia and white rice. 

Pancit: A popular Filipino stir-fry traditionally made with carrots, cabbage, and pork stirred in thin translucent noodles. It's made with other meats, chicken, shrimp.  

Adobo: A spicy, savory marinade featuring vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and other spices according to your favorite family recipe.