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The moon peaked out and joined the lanterns in the sky at the Benson Lantern Festival!

Benson Lantern Festival
Benson Lantern Festival
May the end of your Monday be filled with joy.
"Hi guys, it's me!" is probably not the way our publisher would want a video introduced.

It's me, reporter for Herald/Review media, roving the county assisting writers with imagery and finding stories of my own. It's like, like, well, like months since I started here. I've met some amazing people and heard some cool stories.

Hey, did you know Billy the Kid killed his first person right here in Cochise county? I didn't.

I learned this while on assignment with Karen Schaffner who is working on a Heritage Festival project. Check out video of what I learned. The ranchers is owner of O Bar O Ranch Tim Robinson.

Here's my off-assignment report:
The school Tennis season is just wrapping up. In today's paper [April 27, 2022] we feature the Willcox Cowboys/Cowgirls tennis team.

We follow the team on Senior Night and reveal how this tennis team in a small town in Cochise County can attract more than 30 athletes to its ranks. Numbers like that you'd expect from a baseball or football team, but there's something special happening in Willcox Arizona.

Check out my feature on this special group of tennis players.