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Omnicron variant still strong in Cochise County

While the omicron variant is still surging nationwide and causing backups at hospitals in Cochise County, there was some good news reported by Dr. Edward Miller, Copper Queen Community Hospital chief medical officer, on Monday.

This variant is more infectious, but does not seem to carry the respiratory health risks associated with the former variants of COVID–19, said Miller in an email to the Herald/Review.

Are you worried about omicron? Are you taking any extra precautions? Let us know in the comments.

I visited a few Benson thrift stores this week for an upcoming story being written by Karen Schaffner. We visited several stores in the area and this was one of those hidden gems. White Buffalo: Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles, Gifts, & Used Goods has some treasures and that was just one stop along the way. Watch this preview and let me know what your favorite thrift stores are in Cochise county.