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Community Questions
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Fry's parking lot is dangerous

What can be done to prevent speeding and accidents in the Fry's parking lot.

There was a hit and run on Christmas Eve that left someone with injuries that required spending Christmas Day at the hospital for treatment.

The vehicle didn't slow down or stop, and customers picked the woman up and dusted her off.

Ferrellgas vs. Amerigas?

Since purchasing my house in Hereford 2.5 years ago I've had Ferrellgas propane delivery.  I'd never had to use propane before.  I've found their delivery very slow (nearly run out of propane twice) and their mailed statements nearly incomprehensible.  I recently got a solicitation from Amerigas to change over.  Of course, they're offering short-term incentives, but I'm curious if others have any opinions about which they think is better, or if it's a case of six of one, half dozen of the other.