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How do you feel about the majority of Cochise County Sheriff's Office and Sierra Vista Police employees declining to get vaccinated?

According to the latest reporting by @Lyda Longa, 56% of Sierra Vista Police employees and 60% of Cochise County Sheriff's Office employees have declined to get inoculated or have not responded to their agencies when given the opportunity for a vaccine.

On Fort Huachuca, roughly 50 percent of troops have declined the vaccine, as well.

Concerns regarding the vaccine may decrease as more data comes in about its effects, officials say. "At Fry Fire District, Chief Mark Savage said that initially, only about 40 percent of the employees were interested in getting inoculated. However that number jumped to just over 65 percent when personnel saw that many of their peers had gotten the shot “without any adverse reactions,” Savage said."

What do you think about the majority of law enforcement officers and other employees of the Sheriff's Office and SV Police Dept. who have declined the vaccine?


Expanded vaccine eligibility locally - what factors are you considering when it comes to choosing a COVID vaccine?

While county health department documents for the past few months indicated an age-based rollout of COVID vaccine eligibility from ages 55+, 45+, 35+ and then finally 16+, this week's announcement from CCHSS brought welcome news on both state and county levels for locals as young as 16-18 years old. 

As of March 23, all Cochise County vaccination sites are open to any county resident 18 years and older; all state distribution sites, known as PODs, are open to Arizonans 16+.

Do you agree with this decision, or wish the state rollout had been prioritized by age group?

County sites will distribute Moderna and Janssen (also known as Johnson & Johnson) vaccines. AZDHS PODs have been distributing Pfizer vaccines. While initial trust in Johnson & Johnson vaccines appeared to be low due to lower efficacy, interest in the one-shot vaccine has exploded as some gravitate towards the vaccine for its more traditional development process. In contrast to Moderna and Pfizer, the Janssen vaccine does not use new mRNA technology.

With all these choices, what factors are affecting your decision to get which vaccine, or get vaccinated at all? 


What concerns do you have about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine coming to Cochise County?

Did you catch yesterday's story by reporter @Lyda Longa breaking the news that Cochise County will be receiving 1,200 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses?

According to a county press release, "Currently, 41.8 percent of the 65 and older group in Cochise County have received their first dose vaccine, however the vaccination partners have observed a reduced demand for appointments and agreed it is the right time to welcome the next age group phase."

Cochise County spokeswoman Camila Rochin said county officials are not yet sure when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shipment will arrive.