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Disappointed in the Californication of Arizona.
Nothing good comes from this.  Only negatives.  Whatever tax revenues the state will get from this will be absorbed by administering the law and by the effects from passing it. 

Reference: Article "Thousands of ballots left to count in Cochise County, election official says" "That’s important to cities like Sierra Vista whose officials are waiting to see if they will have to appoint someone to a third City Council seat." This is an incorrect statement...per Sierra Vista, Arizona Code of Ordinances... § 38.03 ELECTION TO OFFICE. The candidates equal in number to the offices to be filled who shall receive the highest number of votes at the general election shall be declared elected to such office or offices. ('76 Code, § 2-1-5) (Ord. 83, passed 6-8-67; Am. Ord. 2017-008, passed 12-14-17) There will be a winner, even if there is a tie... ARS 16-649. Determination of tie vote; notice to candidates; exception A. If two or more candidates receive an equal number of votes for the same office, and a higher number than any other candidate, whether upon the canvass by the secretary of state or the county board of supervisors, or upon recount by a court, the officer or board whose duty it is to declare the result shall determine by lot and in the presence of the candidates which candidate shall be declared elected... (More)
Democrat Ann English wins four more years as county District 2 Supervisor.