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Judy Schmitt
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Voted for No

To me, as just 1 individual, your question has inherent element(s) not mentioned:  How would any average American or even a few or perhaps very large number of people EVER be able or willing to pay the cost for the recount?  And what will the government do about certifying the vote tally while the whole process winds its way through the huge web of governmental processing a challenge to the election result?  OH, AND what does 1 [or more] state's pending recount(s) do to certifying an election result for any national election while awaiting the challenged result?  JUST a beginning of more unforeseeable consequences.  I think.


Solar Power for Arizona?

In this year's Arizona Corporation Commission race, democrats Bill Mundell, Anna Tovar and Shea Stanfield have named themselves the "solar team," and are working to encourage things like rooftop solar and making Arizona the "solar capital" of the country. Republicans Jim O'Connor, Eric Sloan and Lea Marquez Peterson criticized their plan, arguing that it would cost ratepayers too much money to do. What do you think about transitioning Arizona to solar, and what do you think of each group's stances?

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