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Argentine Giant Cactus in our neighborhood

My wife captured this photo of a neighbors Argentine Giant Cactus.

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Jennifer, we use Miracle Grow - that and plenty of water in the evening once the sun sets. Our roses are blooming like mad ;)

Early Tomato Planting

There are tomato plants already in the garden centers everywhere.  It's so nice there is such great availability for all of our gardeners in the community!  I know lots of folks have already put baby tomato plants in  the ground.  

But, do be careful.  Tomatoes do not like the cold.  If a freeze of 32 degrees or below is predicted, be prepared to cover your tomatoes for survival.  The latest average freeze in Cochise County is approximately the middle of April.  Yes, April.  March can be a "teaser" month with its warm days. Then April will suddenly present one last surprise freeze.  Just stay prepared if you have been a passionate gardener and could not wait to start getting veggie plants in the ground.  And ... I understand.  I am an addicted gardener myself.  Happy Gardening!