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Colette Andrews
Data Specialist CLL at Cochise College
Good Morning, NABURs! Today at 12 p.m. we invite you to join our Cochise College Center for Lifelong Learning FREE Virtual Brown Bag Lecture titled "Congo" presented by David Tannenbaum. Here is the information:

with David Tannenbaum

The setting for Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, a jungle pulsing with the flow of Africa’s greatest river. Once the Kongo Kingdom, then the Belgian Congo, Zaire, and now The Democratic Republic of the Congo. This vast land of riches and diversity is better known for hardship: Colonization, dictatorship, war, AIDS, Ebola. Yet its people display such great resilience, creativity, and humor, such joie de vivre. And they make some of the best music and beer in Africa! Grab your lunch and get ready to explore the Congo's history and listen to a firsthand account of its situation today.

Today, April 14
12 - 1 p.m.

Here is the zoom link to use to enter the lecture:

The link won't work until 12 p.m. today. We hope you can join us!

Are you planning on donating to a local nonprofit in your area this year?

Arizona Gives Day, an annual online fundraising event on April 6, provides the opportunity for Arizona nonprofits to promote their causes and gain additional donations, especially with the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“2020 was a nightmare for most nonprofit organizations, they are so dependent on events and fundraisers and that couldn’t happen,” said Rebecca Dailous. “They are in dire need of support and funds. I feel that this year is more important than ever.”

Dailous, who co-hosts Cherry Creek Media’s KWCD country radio show with Val Davidson in Sierra Vista, said the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on local nonprofits. Representatives from nonprofits across Cochise County have also spoken up about the significance of Arizona Gives Day and the financial strain of the pandemic. More information below.

Doing business online

When I hear of local businesses opening and closing in town I go look to see if they have a social media presence...especially since the pandemic started, the need for having a digital footprint is more significant to help businesses stay in business. 

As a customer, what matters to you when you're researching businesses online before you spend with them? 

Colette Andrews
Data Specialist CLL at Cochise College
Good Afternoon, NABURs! Please enjoy this week's Cochise College Center for Lifelong Learning newsletter. If you don't already receive these weekly, please feel free to subscribe. We wish you a wonderful rest of your week and hope you will be able to take a class with us!