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Omnicron variant still strong in Cochise County

While the omicron variant is still surging nationwide and causing backups at hospitals in Cochise County, there was some good news reported by Dr. Edward Miller, Copper Queen Community Hospital chief medical officer, on Monday.

This variant is more infectious, but does not seem to carry the respiratory health risks associated with the former variants of COVID–19, said Miller in an email to the Herald/Review.

Are you worried about omicron? Are you taking any extra precautions? Let us know in the comments.

I visited a few Benson thrift stores this week for an upcoming story being written by Karen Schaffner. We visited several stores in the area and this was one of those hidden gems. White Buffalo: Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles, Gifts, & Used Goods has some treasures and that was just one stop along the way. Watch this preview and let me know what your favorite thrift stores are in Cochise county.

I'm fed up with it, Pascal. Pretty sure I'm not alone there. I work hard to be a socially responsible person; I mask up, socially distance, got my shots, etc. etc. Year 1, ok, we soldiered through. Year 2... weary but still slogging along... We are coming up on year 3.

At first, I found it amusing that while wearing masks, we'd go to such great lengths to communicate with each other. Lotsa body language and pointing to illustrate our thoughts. This has become a template behavior in public, now. What I've also noticed about myself is that I used to smile a lot... with a mask there is no point so I've begun smiling less.

My entire career and field evaporated with COVID. I do work out of the country. Poof, it's long gone with no hope of return. However... the State of AZ has invested in expanding our technologies and how people work, new roles, new career fields entirely. Remote positions have been created, whole new job sectors are forming up. Expanded application of the "Nurse Practitioner," type of position across the legal and other sectors, it's exciting! So, one door closed, another one is squeaking open.

Socially, it's been a solitary couple of years. I had a small circle to start out with. I believe that globally as a species that this pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health as well as our perceptions of the veracity of our leadership and the media (national media...... (More)

Our answer is FRUITCAKE!!!  I never really liked fruitcake in my youth, but my husband did.  As a matter of fact, he buys the little loaves of fruitcake that become available at the stores during the holiday season.  One year I decided I was going to make him a fruitcake.  I found Mrs. MacKinnon's fruitcake recipe online, made it that year and it became a holiday tradition in our household ever since.  This is truly the best fruitcake I've ever tasted.  For those who were/are like me and the thought of fruitcake makes them, well, queasy (and not from the rum you may add to it), give this one a taste.  It's absolutely delicious!  As we would say back in the mother land (of some of my relatives, anyhow) - Tlachd a ghabhail air do bhiadh (bon appetit).