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What questions do you have regarding the Fry Forward Initiative?

We've had great discussions on NABUR regarding the City of Sierra Vista's plan to redevelop the West End by narrowing Fry Blvd. and "streetscaping," as well as encourage new businesses to move in to create a real "downtown" feeling. You've got questions; Herald/Review journalists are here to chase down the answers. We'll be doing a video Q&A with Sierra Vista city officials tailored to the questions and concerns you have as a community member, so please post them down below. We would love to hear.

Sample "Fry Forward" plan, available on the city website.
Sample "Fry Forward" plan, available on the city website.

Sierra Vista Downtown Revitalizing!

Did you catch the news in last Sunday's paper? Sierra Vista has secured "significant federal funding" to redevelop large parts of Fry Boulevard and the West End into a nicer downtown area, including multi-use pathways and narrowing Fry Boulevard into a 2 lane road instead of 4 lane. What kind of downtown would you like to see for Sierra Vista? More local, independently-owned cafes? Maybe some stores selling local products?

I know this is a hot topic @Chanse Frenette  @Kurt Obermeier  @Suzy Marie  @Ted Fichtl had something to say about before.

I found out St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church is sponsoring Rosary prayer service at noon on Saturday, September 5 to honor the men and women of our police force.

The prayer service will take place in front of the Police Department at 911 Coronado in Sierra Vista.

Everyone is invited to participate.
Yesterday's paper featured a profile by Mark Levy of Rosie Mackey, a West-Ender who's been involved with a mural beautification project of Southwest Sierra Vista.

What do you think of murals as public art on private walls, residences, and parks like Timothy Lane Park? Do you know of any cool murals around town or artists you would like to see design murals for the city?