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Sierra Vista Unified
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With the recent COVID cases at Town and Country Elementary and Buena High School, are you satisfied with how the administration handled these cases?

What are you looking for from future school board representatives?

Check out our 2020 Voters Guide here:

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I do not understand how we can reopen so many businesses - but yet we can not open our schools! Daycares the cater to kids from 6 weeks to IDK 12 years old are allowed to be open - but our schools are not. Classrooms can be set up to allow students and teachers to be safe. If the daycares can do it why can schools not. The ratio of older teachers to younger kids is less in schools than in a daycare. Nursing homes that host nothing but older vulnerable elderly people can reopen - but our schools can not?!? This truly does not make any sense at all! Older people in nursing homes require more help than a kid in class. Gyms where people wonder from one piece of equipment to another can open - but schools can not!?!? Ft. Huachuca schools are open for face-to-face classes. The students are at their desks and are allowed to go to recess - without being able to touch playground equipment - but still get some sun and run and run! The classroom host the same students every day and are sanitized at the end of the school day. Why is SVPSD NOT open for business. This online class model is NOT working. Kids need to be social. Kids need to have a teacher that can tell when they are restless! It is crazy that with the online classes kindergartners are required to sit for over an hour at a time!... (More)

The latest benchmark data indicates county can have hybrid models. Should schools doing distance learning, switch to a hybrid model and allow some in-person instruction?

According to the state health department's website, Cochise County meets all three benchmarks to resume a hybrid model for students. SVUSD, Benson and Bisbee are distance learning, with no in-person instruction, while other districts have their students back in the classroom and on the athletic fields. 

Do you think parents should have a hybrid option for children  sooner rather than later or wait until next month? 

Link to the benchmark data:,