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SVUSD updates COVID-19 mitigation plan

On Monday, the Sierra Vista Unified School District updated its COVID-19 mitigation plan — reducing the quarantine period from eight days to five — to align with new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that was released on Dec. 27.

SVUSD Superintendent Dr. Eric Holmes said the administration met on Monday to update its plan to mirror the CDC guidelines and sent the information to SVUSD families yesterday afternoon.

“Our goal this year is to keep schools open — which we have done — and to keep our kids safe to reduce the opportunity that this disease has to have a negative impact on us,” said Holmes during Tuesday’s governing board meeting. 

What is the quarantine protocol if someone tests positive for COVID-19, or is exposed? How do these policies factor in asymptomatic cases? Answer these questions and more in our coverage HERE.

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Missed this month's SVUSD meeting? No worries, we got you covered

Here's our rundown: 

  • SVUSD Chief Financial Officer Kenneth McGovern said as part of Governor Doug Ducey's 20X2020 teacher pay increase plan, SVUSD teachers and staff will be getting a 1.5% raise; this raise includes both salaried and hourly employees.
  • SVUSD Superintendent Dr. Eric Holmes said that the national supply chain issues are affecting the district's Food Services department, limiting the menu options available for students.
  • McGovern also discussed options for upgrading the scoreboards at Buena High School to abide by new Arizona Interscholastic Association requirements. These requirements include shot clocks and play clocks.
  • SVUSD board voted 4-0 to approve the assembly of a committee to address a staff dress code, an agenda item introduced at the Nov. 2 meeting  by board president Yulonda Boutte. She said the reason for assembling a committee is to establish a dress code, as the current regulation does not outline specifics.

How much will it cost to get updated scoreboards? What is the district's plan to address the supply chain issues? Answer these questions and more in our coverage HERE.

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SVUSD grapples with staff shortages, bus delays

The Sierra Vista Unified School District is grappling with continuing staff shortages — notably bus drivers — due to complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"There has been small struggles with staffing for a few years, but the last 18 months has proved to be more difficult," said SVUSD Public Information Officer Valerie Weller in an email. "We have openings in almost all of our departments and sites."

Due to the shortages in bus drivers, the district has had to combine several bus routes, which has caused delays.

On Nov. 29, Weller said four Buena High School routes had to be combined into two, and two routes destined for Joyce Clark Middle School had to be consolidated into one, causing a 20-minute delay.

On Dec. 9, the district made a post on its Facebook page about the bus routes and expected delays in parent pick-ups and drop-offs on Dec. 10.

What is SVUSD's plan to address the problem? Find out more in our coverage HERE.

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SPECIAL: SVUSD to host first 'texpo' on Dec. 8

The Sierra Vista Unified School District is offering a look inside the district’s new technology platforms and how they’re being used by students and teachers with their “texpo” event Dec. 8 at the Rothery Educational Center. Today, the Herald/Review sat down with Kathryn Wright, SVUSD instructional technology coordinator and Valerie Weller, SVUSD Public Information Officer to discuss the event. 

Check out the podcast episode HERE!

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