Below photo gives a visual of the 9.7 feet of measured subsidence north of Willcox. Photo is currently on the University of Arizona website for the Arizona Geological Survey.

Willcox aquifer loss is best handled by funding for the already existing Willcox Water Project (WWP). See their website at and especially watch their video of seminars last year, at the link below.

The focus by WWP on building stakeholders and taking action is different from the work of the Water Wise group currently active in the Sierra Vista Basin. Water Wise is funded by Cochise County and the city of Sierra Vista. It is doing education in schools and encouraging participation in water conservation through flyers and presentations to local groups.

That Sierra Vista work is a great effort but Willcox aquifer is stressed well beyond the SV - Bisbee - Tombstone area that is the current focus of the county funded position for the Sierra Vista basin.

There's detailed science and documented evidence of several feet of elevation loss in the Willcox area, leading to the largest fissures in the state caused by loss of water table - perhaps the worst in the nation. Our county planning office mentioned in a recent session that there is anecdotal evidence of wells running dry, farm families leaving, etc. In fact it's even more than anecdotal, it's well documented, measured, significant, and the loss of the water table in the aquifer serving Willcox and the upper Sulphur Springs Valley is accelerating.... (More)