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Willcox High School
Willcox High School
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WILLCOX — Arizona Community Foundation and Martha McSally have announced the selection of Willcox High School graduate Jodi Denny as one of their Martha McSally Dare to Fly Scholars.

Denny was one of the 2022 valedictorians at Willcox High and was the Cowgirls’ No. 1 tennis player.

“This is pretty nice," she said. "I feel really grateful to be one of the 11, I know that a lot of people applied."

Denny's interest in aeronautics took off while at Willcox High. During her sophomore year, while playing on her Xbox, she realized how appealing video games with simulated flight were.

“It’s really what drew me into it, piqued my interest,” Denny recalls. “It made me do some research, and it’s what got me into it. Then I told my dad all about it.”

She took a “discovery flight” at Flight Fundamentals, a flight school at Willcox Airport, and, “I knew what I wanted to do.”
From the scrapbook #PictureYourNABURhood